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American white Granite

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Service & FAQS

  • 1、How can I get more information or place an order?

    You can email, fax or call us to place your order.

  • 2、What is your acceptable payment?


  • 3、How do you assure the quality of my order?

    1) Our factory has more than 20 years history and we have a really well-trained technician team. 2) We have strict inspection procedure and methods. We never allow the inferior quality products to be sent out of our factory. 3) We always welcome yourself to come to our factory to inspect your own order.

  • 4、How long can my order be finished?

    Normally one container order needs 10 – 25 days.

  • 5、What is your port of loading?

    Mainly ship from Xiamen Port, Wuhan port and etc.

  • 6、Do you also make customized design?

    Yes. We can do any dimension for any products as per client requirement, especially for Stone Patterns, Countertops, Gravestones, Carving Stones.

  • 7、Do you sell to personal buyers? I’m building my own houses, and need 120m2. Do you have a MOQ?

    Yes, we accept retail orders like you. We do both wholesailing and retailing. The MOQ is 100M2 or Half container according to specifications.

  • 8、What are your main advantages?

    Jinlong stone factory is located near the quary, which make our cost lower; We have an production experience for 20 years, and well know the quality standard for Mid East,Africa and Europe market; Professional staffs, our export staffs have been doing for 5 more years.

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